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Spring, obscure tv shows, and how to make a universe

Obviously I have had little to say for the past few weeks. Either that or we've been doing little to talk about, or maybe I've been taking fewer pictures. Part of the impromptu hiatus was due to a sudden influx in book review assignments. Having to spend my evenings reading? You got it. But at least some of those evenings were spent giving in to an obsession with a few obscure TV shows (both Psych and Mad Men returned a couple of weeks ago, plus we've discovered the prowess of BBC shows, mainly Sherlock and Dr. Who). Watching TV until the wee hours of the morning? Not our finest moments, but it's been fun nonetheless.

In the time that I've been basically gone, though, it's amazing how very little has happened. In fact, that's been the real story of the past month: more of the same all over again. Since the last three years have gifted us with warm, early springs, the lethargy of this year's season has been somewhat of a shock and disappointment. Looking back at pictures from this time last year we were in shorts and tees, while this year I was still running in long pants and a fleece until just this week.

Additionally, not much has happened on the home front, and right now I think that's really a good thing. Winter is busy, summer is busy, but spring and fall almost demand a dragging of feet from me. Forget the whole spring cleaning thing, there's plenty of time for that during the long winter months when we're cooped up inside. Spring is for daydreaming, for watching the birds return, for lazy afternoons with a good book. And apparently for late nights with obscure television shows, but that's an anomaly, I think.

For Calvin, on the other hand, spring is about being outside in as few clothes as is bearable, and for as long as possible, no matter the temperature. Or at least that's what it's been about since the first day that even suggested warmth, especially if chalk was involved. Thanks to the frequent night rains, the driveway has been much like an etch-a-sketch. It has accommodated a map of Africa, a slideshowesque how-to on creating a universe (don't forget the black holes), and a map of a unique solar system and planet from said other universe. Which obviates the current household interest: astrophysics. It's like an obsession for the kid right now. If it has anything to do with black holes, antimatter, subatomic particles, or the elements, he's all over it. In fact, he's planned out a rather elaborate project for the 4H fair in July. Which means that things are promising to be a little more engaging around here soon enough, since a few weeks of lethargy are about all we can stand.

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