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twooth fairy

Not one, but two teeth down. They've been wiggly for quite some time, to the point where I was teasing Calvin that if he sneezed they might go flying across the room. In fact, they were so wiggly that the first one just up and fell out while he was taking a bath.

It sparked an interesting conversation on facebook about "the going rate for teeth". I happen to be reading Stiff at the moment, but Mary Roach, and the reference to the purchasing of teeth made me think of dentures, which were once made with the teeth of the deceased. But today's baby teeth, what are they worth? My mother tried to convince him that his teeth were worth five dollars a piece, but Calvin insisted they were only worth a quarter each. Jon and I opted for the low end compromise and gave him four quarters for the both of them.

Really the entire milestone was underwhelming. He was excited, I managed not to faint. He's been milking the sudden lisp for all it's worth, we've taken to calling him toothless. He is planning a craft (???) with his baby teeth. One more milestone down.

The final shot with two bottom teeth...

...and then there were none.

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