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County park tour—Burns Stokes Nature Preserve

We checked another county park off our list today—a park only five minutes from our house that, strangely, we had never visited before. The preserve is sandwiched between the river and the railroad and has both wooded areas and a meadow. We went all together during the early evening and expected to see song birds, since that is a busy time for our feeders at home, but our biggest score on this trip was in the wildflower area. Calvin collected pictures of around ten different wildflowers, although we have only been able to identify about six of them so far.

Most of the wildflower shots are from Calvin.

Burns Stokes Nature Preserve

Huron River



evidence of beavers?

Aphrodite Fritillary

Common Yarrow

Sulfur Cinqefoil

unidentified spider with crazy orb web

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