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Three camps in two weeks

Boy Choir camp last week, 4H Coverbud Camp this week, and a two hour Junior Naturalist meeting over the weekend. It has been a kind of weird two weeks for me because certainly I haven't had anywhere near this much time to myself for, oh, about the last eight years. I spent most of the time sewing or reading review books, and every once in a while I would feel a fleeting moment of panic and wonder what it was I was supposed to be doing—what it was that I was missing because it wasn't usually so quiet.

For Calvin it was a delightful few weeks. He pretty much doted on the boy in the choir who told him everything he knew (and probably more) about quantum physics. He pretty much ran the classes on world geography in his 4H camp. He became intimately acquainted with the markings of an American Woodcock in his naturlists class. And after each long day he came home exhilarated...and completely worn out.

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