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NAIAS 2015

The North American International Auto Show is a tradition for Detroit, and for our family. It descends upon Cobo Hall every January, crowding my birthday for attention and forcing car buffs, auto enthusiasts, and vaguely interested drivers in southeast Michigan to take to snowy roads for a day of fiber glass, metal, and models. Actually, in recent years the human models of the slimly dressed variety have become rarer, and so have the other elaborate displays and presentations. Now it's mainly the cars speaking for themselves, and a few modern catches. This year they printed a car on a 3D printer. Chairs, too, which we got to sit in.

New this year: pictures from Calvin, too.

by Calvin

Jon matched his surroundings pretty well

a printed car

a purple car

this one looked like a dog

by Calvin

this one looked like a rabbit

this was a scary look at the future

this one, too...a driverless car

by Calvin

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