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September recap

So here’s the thing: my real camera barely saw the light of day in the month of September. I don’t know if it was exhaustion after such an eventful August, or the advent of school frustrations, or if it was that the constant demand of the daily photo finally drained my photographer’s energy. Whatever the reason, as each September week came to an end I found myself scrambling for pictures to fill the seven days, then putting off not only the photo snapping but the blog updating as well…for just one more week. But of course, the bigger the hole, the harder it is to fill.

There were few events in September that even prompted camera usage, and when those moments came around I was found myself suffering from guilt paralysis—just seeing the camera reminded me of all those great shots I’d been failing to take, so I usually just left it in its bag. 

But then October was significantly more action-packed, and each passing event left me yet another folder of unedited, unposed pictures, creating a continually growing pile of work between me and getting caught up. 

That’s how, in December, I find myself behind three months of unreported happenings, and if I don’t dig myself out soon, I never will. So I’ve made a deal with myself—just photos, just recaps of major events or whole months. No editing, no weekly posts, no wordy explanations and I’ll be caught up in no time!

So here, posted in the first week of December, is finally a recap fo the month of September.

Water play on the last summer weekend before school

A first go at homemade pizza on the Green Egg

S'mores in the backyard with neighbors

Tea with good friends on an afternoon off

Football. September was about lots of football.

First concert of the fall

Halloween shopping a little early

Newsies on stage in Grand Rapids (during the Art Prize show)

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