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To Washington D.C., in 99 pictures

Our annual fall away-schooling adventure took us to Washington D.C. this year. The weather was great, the crowds were relatively low, and we had a great time. And we may have learned something, too.

Days 1-2: Getting there is half the fun...old inns, mills, and covered bridges in Pennsylvania.

Day 3: the White House (where we saw the Presidential dogs playing in the yard), and the monument side of the National Mall

Day 4: our first day of Smithsonians, including the Museum of the American Indian, and the Air and Space Museum, plus dinner at a gastro pub in our neighborhood

Day 5: Our second day of Smithsonians, including the American History Museum and the Natural History Museum (not as good as the one in Chicago)

Day 6: The first slightly chilly, wetish day. We started at Arlington Cemetery, then drove down to Washington's Mount Vernon for the afternoon. 

Day 7: The National Zoo on a wet morning, then the weather cleared for dinner in Maryland at the National Harbor, followed by a tour of the monuments at night.

Day 8: Ford Theater, the Capitol Building, The Library of Congress, and The Supreme Court Building. 

Day 9: our last full day, and the only really cold and wet one, we drove to Jefferson's Monticello

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