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Tuppence a bag...

We don't do a lot of birding in the winter. Although it's a good time to spy birds in the bare trees or bribe them closer with seeds while other food sources are limited, I don't last long in the cold, and we've had some pretty cold winter days as of late. Mostly we're waiting for the spring migration before we get out with our bird lists, field guides, and cameras, but some of our homeschooling friends invited us to join them at Kensington Park when it was relatively warm yesterday. Kensington is a top birding spot in southeast Michigan, and in the winter it's a great place to get up close and personal with a variety of songbirds that have become inured to hand feeding over the years. They are still completely wild birds, mind you, but stand still long enough with a handful of enticing seeds and nuts, and you'll likely be rewarded with a visitor or two.

Plus, there's great sledding in another park of the park to top off a perfect winter day.

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