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Calvin's hike

I made the mistake last weekend of failing to dump the shots from Calvin's camera before posting about our morning hike in Dolph Park. When I popped his memory card into my computer this week to go through his 365 shots, I was met with a very different view point of that same hike. I really, really love these shots. While I was aiming at the treetops, Calvin, who has a hard time just yet finding the constantly fluttering birds with the camera, focused more on the path and the signs of life he found there.

Here's Calvin's view of the park last weekend.


a fish in the clouds

a home on the ground

a berry in the leaves

lush, green moss

clamshell fungus

Canada Goose

more sprouts

a seed cluster

a purple vine

green growth

fresh green leaves emerging

puffball fungus

happy moss

a reflection from the bridge

the path

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