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Full swing spring

Though the forecast for the coming week is less than rosy, this weekend we're enjoying delightful spring weather with warm temperatures and brilliant sunshine. And the birds, blissfully unaware of, are going on with their usual spring travel plans. The first wave of migrators is here, and on our hike this weekend we spotted our first warblers of the season. Things are really picking up, and we are looking forward to the spring birding explosion over the next few weeks.

American Robin

Painted turtles

six Bufflehead ducks (three male, three female), with one Lesser Scaup (female) right in the middle

Red-bellied woodpecker

Red-winged Blackbird (female)

Red-winged Blackbird (male)

Yellow Rumped Warbler

Palm Warbler

can you find the moth? (by Calvin)

an acorn growing (by Calvin)

feather (by Calvin)


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