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Father's Day

For three years now, Jon's greatest wish for his special day has been the County Parks pancake breakfast and nature hike, followed by fun in the splash park (it is the child in him that makes him such a great dad. Well, that and a lot of other things). Unfortunately, last year they cancelled the breakfast for lack of response in preregistartion, so he was pretty excited to see it back on the calendar for this year, and we were up and out the door in time to stake our claim at the craft table and in the pancake and sausage line.

As it turned out, we only had to fight one other family for glue and syrup. Unfortunately, that probably means the event's days are numbered, but we were thankful to enjoy the beautiful morning together at least one more year. It was warm, but not hot, breezy, but not windy, and sporadically sunny. On the hike we identified some avian favorites and spotted a "frogpole" (see photo below). After the hike the guys played in the splash park, shooting each other with water, repeatedly taking on the slides, and waiting, waiting, waiting for the big water dump. I delighted in watching them while trying to get some review reading done. And of course we topped off the evening with a special and delicious dinner with our families to celebrate our own dads as well.

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