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December recap

It may seem like all I ever do anymore are recap posts. The months are just flying by, and before I know it weeks have passed without a single post. Sometimes they are getting by me without a single picture. My poor camera is neglected—if it wasn't for the improved phone cameras it seems I would have no pictures at all! 

December, of course, was a delightful month full of friends and family. There were concerts, plays, and at home sing-a-longs. Plenty of baking was done, and plenty of eating. There was giving and receiving, a Star Wars movie, and other good stuff to be remembered.

So, for posterity, here's a recap.

The homeschooling group play

Datenight at Knight's downtown before going to see Calvin perform with the Boychoir in the Christmas sing at Hill Auditorium

The Boychoir Christmas Concert

Tea on cold winter days

A little bit of sewing

Carols with friends

An annual Christmas ornament craft 

Cookies with friends

A night out on the town with these goofballs

Cookies and carols with family

Christmas Eve at Kerrytown by tradition

Traditional Christmas Eve dinner and cake with family

Traditional Christmas Eve date night wine and Meet Me in St. Louis

Iris's first time joining us for Christmas with family day 1

Christmas with family day 2

Beer making

Star Wars

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