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Making Valentines a family party

Saints and massacres aside, in the B.C. years (the years before child), Valentines Day felt like an importantly romantic celebration. We couldn't afford a meal out back then, let alone jewelry or romantic getaways, but we did what we could with what we had to share an amorous evening bordering on schmaltzy. Special meals for two with champagne consumed in candle lit ambiance with the ceremonial delivery of cards and/or often flowers. 

But these are the A.C. years, the years after child, and the romantic Valentines Day has all but completely faded into a thing of our past. Now the "holiday", if it can be called that anyhow, is about choosing the right cards and accompanying candy to give to the multitude of children in our homeschool group. It's about crafts and potluck foods. It's about wearing red (or pink or purple) for the class party on the day in question. 

Romantic it is no longer, but has the day really changed? It was always about love, the form of love has just changed a bit through the years. No longer looking like bubbly and kissy balloons, it has taken the form of a family affair, which is the focus of our love and attention at this moment in life. So after the class party and the almost offensive influx of sugar in our systems, we spent the rest of the heart holiday weekend sitting in front of a fire assembling every Lego set in the house (and through three lives of Lego collectors that is a lot), consuming hot cocoa, Mexican food, and, at the very last, going out for delightful family dinner. 

And, in the time A.B. (the hours after bedtime), there was some enjoyment of champagne (or sparkling wine, for those of you keeping track).

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