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Father's Day

It is important that we appreciate each other. So many little things go by unnoticed every day that are worthy of appreciation, and the truth is that if we mention each of them in the moment, we'd spend our whole lives saying thank you, or I'm sorry, or, in our greatest moments, you're amazing. To some extent, the many thanks that we owe each other are casualties of the greater good, because the many wonderful things we do for each other are expectations of our lives together. We are bonded by a mutual understanding and commitment, and with that comes the expectation of the benefit of the doubt. Forget love means never having to say you're sorry, life commitment means rarely having to say please or thank you.

Only that's not exactly right, is it? So we have these days throughout the year—birthdays, commemoratives, honoraries—that give us an opportunity to appreciate, openly and with all our hearts.

It's the little things. The trash taken out on Fridays, the mail picked up when we remember, all the electronics in the house synched and functioning. 

It's the daily things. The water jug in the refrigerator kept filled, the little boy's teeth brushed, the coffee made in the morning. 

It's the big things. Patience amidst chaos, gentleness amidst anger, calm amidst panic.

We do these things for each other now without offering, the same way that we accept them without thanking, and that's okay, as long from time to time we recognize the life we've built together and take the moment to stand in awe of all its beauty and all its flaws. 

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