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Beauty and the Beast

Words cannot accurately describe the emotions of our past week, or two. Last year Calvin performed with Young People's Theater, a local youth theater organization, in their production of Tarzan. It was an amazing experience in so many ways, so when he asked to try out for their spring staging of Beauty of and the beast we were delighted to say yes. Well, he got a part—a dancing, singing, chorus extraordinaire part—and things got busy fast. With a varying rehearsal schedule, multiple days a week, to fit in between other ensemble rehearsals (band, choir, dance), the calendar gets complicated in a hurry. And while Calvin was practicing I found myself taken in, for a second time, by the extremely talented YPT costume crew. This season they entrusted me with the designing and creation of the teacup costumes, the result of which I am pretty proud of.

The last week before the show is tech week, with nightly rehearsals running from 5-9. Performance weekend includes four shows, followed by strike. Jon and I attended opening night after a much deserved, relaxing dinner together, I worked the remaining of the shows, and, having seen them all, I know Calvin was stellar in each and every one. I love watching him on stage, watching him come alive with energy and talent. He amazes and awes me every time.

Although some of the following photographs are my own, the only camera I took with me on this excursion was my phone because YPT has a group of extremely talented photographers who volunteer their time and openly share their captures from backstage and front with the rest of us parents so we don't have to worry about capturing moments, only memories, during the show process. Many of hte following shots are from those photographers.

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