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Photo 37/365 (series: a Tuesday of homeschool)

Some of our days are longer than others. Calvin puts in a lot of hours two or three days a week so that he can fill the remaining days with being out and about, hanging out with family and friends. This is what a long day looks like for us.

Tech with dad before he leaves for work (Lego Mindstorms EV3 Discovery Book

Math: Algebra 2 from Math U See

Language Arts: Word Within the Word I from MCT (vocabulary through Latin and Greek roots)

Language Arts: Academic Writing I from MCT (planning a paper on mythology in Harry Potter)

45 minutes of dance practice (ballet and tap) to break up the long morning

Language Arts: Poetry and Humanity from MCT (meter analysis today)

Spanish: Avancemos Level 2 (from Houghton Mifflin)

History (no true curriculum, just a tour of our own making of the ancients through to modern times, today using Kahn Academy and good reading, fiction and non-fiction)

Doing the lunch dishes

Cell biology with Building Foundations for Scientific Understanding and a little help from the web



Geography with ArtK12's Draw Asia Volume I, and a little help from the internet

Art with Artistic Pursuits


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