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Photo 85/365: Disney diary day 7

Epcot take 2!

At this point we've hit the downward slide of vacation. We've been to all the main Disney parks at least once each, so our remaining days are for tying up loose ends: a second chance at favorite activities, a first chance at any missed ones, and of course still trying to collect all those magic shots. Plus the spring breakers have joined us, so it will be busier from here on out.

Since we managed to do all we wanted to do at Animal Kingdom in one day, and squeezed all we wanted to do at Hollywood Studios into the same day as Universal, we were tasked with reorganizing the remainder of our trip last night, which we did online by changing meal FastPass+ reservations. We thought today that we would spend the morning in the park, come home after lunch to swim a little, then head back to the park for dinner. Since Epcot is pretty close to our resort (Caribbean Beach), this was definitely a viable plan, but when we got back the pool was closed due a water issue. Huge bummer. I cannot tell you how thankful I am that our son is so flexible. There was disappointment, but it didn't derail the day. We just headed back to the park early and took a second, and final, spin through his favorite ride (thankfully Figment is fairly line free).

Highlights from today:

Lunch at San Angel Inn Resataurante, in amidst twilit Mayan ruins. Delicious, and very moody.

A final dash through Test Track and climb through Spaceship Earth, plus two trips through Figment's Journey into Imagination, Calvin's favorite. 

But mostly, by far, dinner at Monsieur Paul in France, arguably the best meal we've had yet. 

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