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Photo 177/365 (series: a visit to Greenfield Village)

Every year, as soon as school lets out, we grab the first available full day to spend with two of our favorite people. Traditionally we spend the day at an attraction that is unlikely just yet to be full of the summer camp tourists, and we've kind of alternated between the Detroit Zoo and Greenfield Village, with a year or two at the botanical gardens thrown in. Since it had been at least two years since or last visit to Greenfield together, the village is where we headed today, in beautiful, cool, sunny weather. We spent the whole day talking excitedly and cavorting through the Village's vintage setting. We watched them blow glass, spin wool, run a printing press, and even tried our hands at a few such novelties that were once rather run of the mill. It was a full and fantastic day, so imagine my surprise when I got home and realized I actually had a strange dearth of photos. Why? Because the kids were old enough that we let them do a lot of their cavorting on their own so my favorite subject wasn't close at hand.

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