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Anniversary drinks. Fifteen years.

I've been seeing a lot of posts on facebook lately about anniversaries and the passing of years, probably because summer is wedding season. Posts like "First anniversary: roses, chocolate, expensive dinner out; Umpteenth anniversary: move over, you're hogging the couch". Thanks to leap year, our first anniversary fell on a Monday, and in the beginning of tech week for a musical theater production that Jon was the musical director of. We spent it mostly apart, and enjoyed fondu and champagne in our wedding flutes, seated on the floor at our coffee table, in our pajamas, when he finally got home around 10:30. That same production stilted our first two anniversaries. A newborn curtailed celebrating the third (we actually went to a restaurant but ended up bringing our dinner home because he was upset with at grandparents'). I honestly don't remember each and every anniversary through the years, but all of them, including fondu on the floor and a dinner cut short by a needy baby, were heartfelt and meaningful. All of them.

But there is a difference between year one and year fifteen, to the extent that we this year we plum forgot. It was a busy week. The 4H Youth Show was a drain all week, and Jon has been busy preparing for a presentation he is giving in Virginia next week, so I don't think it was so much that we forgot our anniversary as that we didn't even know what day it was, or up from down or left from right. My first clue came when a package was delivered from my parents, who have been out of town. I was perplexed at first. Why go to such effort to have it delivered then and there? An anniversary card? Whose anniversary is it? Oops.

I texted Jon when I realized at 3:30:

Me: Did you remember it was our anniversary?

Jon: I'm on my way, did you want to go out for a drink?

Me: That doesn't answer my question...

Jon: No

And that's fifteen years for you. Fifteen good years of being partners in crime that add up to it not mattering if both, or even just one, of us forgets the date, because we're still the same great partners. But we did get to go out for that drink. Cheers.

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