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Day 84/365

It's spring break for the public schools here, which means that for one glorious week we don't have to structure our days around two afternoon hours spent at the school. Don't get me wrong—we've all actually thrived on the organization that schedule has forced on us this year, and Calvin loves his school classes. Still, I was really looking forward to returning to our old habit of just sliding through entire days at our own pace and pleasure. Plus I planned this to be mostly a break week for homeschool, too, and imagined at least one day of spontaneous outings, like to the zoo or a museum, just as in the good old days. Only now we've been infiltrated by the terrible cold that's going around, and possibly a visit from Bronchitis, so instead of all that fun the week stretches out in front of us with the promise of whole days spent in pajamas punctuated only by naps and a relieved "oh thank goodness I don't have to be anywhere" feeling, which is its own kind of fun, but not the kind I was looking for.

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