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Everything, yes everything, goes in the mouth

If you peruse Calvin's 16th week photo album at all you might notice a recurring theme.  We don't want to spoil the surprise, so we'll just give you this hint - "no, Calvin, that will not fit in your mouth, but nice try."

i can.jpg 





Trying out segues.  Ways.

Today we officially started the process of moving to a new house.  Of course moving to a new house would first require buying one, jonsegway.jpgwhich first requires finding one and, more importantly, selling ours.  Anyone want a really cute 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch?  We didn't think so.  The good news is that we have at least four years before we need to be moved into the school district we want for Calvin, but we are looking to move in the next year or two, before our fixed rate mortgage is up (literally and figuratively).  The sad news is that moving means we have to say goodbye to our first house and our first neighborhood - both of which we have really loved right from the start.  Yes, moving can be difficult...

cortneysegway.jpg...but not with the Segway!  No, with the Segway moving is simply a matter of leaning - forward to go forward, backward to go backward (duh).  A perk to moving is our realtor, who is not only very fun, helpful, and caring, but who also happens to have a Segway at her office for clients to try out, and try it out we did.  There is no better non-calorie burning way to travel short distances for sure.  Cortney laughed so hard she almost fell off the thing...

...but we all got home safely just the same.  And, while our achievement for the evening was trying the Segway, Calvin's calvinreadinginbath.jpgachievement was trying out books.  We read to him several times a day and lately he has been reaching for the pages while sitting on our laps during a book.  So tonight we gave him his soft bath book to try out.  He definitely got the hold right - grabbing it with both hands, one on each side - but aside from that his foray into literacy was less successful, as he mostly just shook it or stuffed it in his mouth.  Hey, everyone has to start somewhere...


Happy autumnal equinox


Or, in other words, welcome to the first day of fall.  We rang in the new season with style, fanaticism.jpgor geeky fanaticism in lieu thereof (like mommy like baby, evidently).  We started the day with our usual pre-game tailgate, the only difference today being that Calvin was awake for the majority of it.  It would appear that as the days get shorter and shorter, Calvin's daily alert time gets longer and longer (or, more likely, it is due to the fact hat he is sleeping more at night).  Following the pregame party we headed home, again as usual, to watch the game on TV.  And, again, Calvin was awake for the majority it, allowing us to introduce him to the finer points of football, including singing cheering, how to tackle dad, and how to denote a key play (see photo).  keyplay.jpgThe only question we have to ask is this:  what quarterback was wearing jersey number seven last week, and why did he give it back to Henne this week?  At least we won.  

But aside from the ending of summer, today marks another ending/beginning;  as of today Calvin has officially outgrown his bassinet.  And, try as we might to get used to the idea of him sleeping in the next room, we find ourselves incapable.  Mind you that this is purely a selfish situation - Calvin has no trouble sleeping alone in his crib in his nursery and does so for every nap, but we are very used to him being only an arm's reach away and are not ready to give up that feeling of safety and security.  Nonetheless, he has most definitely outgrown the bassinet, which comes with a weight limit of only 15lbs (in fact, he's been sleeping in there "illegally" for nearly two weeks now).  Today we racked our brains to come up with a solution to this self proclaimed crisis, and the answer presented itself in the form of a larger bassinet.  Not imaginative, we know, and, most definitely, not brave.  But we must choose our battles, and this is not a "man versus self" style battle that we choose to take on.  It's not worth it.  And besides, where's the fun in that?  So, at least for a few months longer, our family will continue to enjoy nightly sleepovers.


Baby food

Although our plan was that Calvin would be exclusively breastfed until he was at least 6 months old, there are just some eventualities that we did not plan for, and Calvin has become a peruser of much more exotic fare.

elephantfare.jpg  giraffefare.jpg


rhinofare.jpgmonkeyfare.jpgCalvin's newest dietary interests include blue elephant, multi-colored giraffe, purple rhino, and blue monkey.  We have heard, after all, that one key to a healthy diet is seeking lots of color in your food.


Calvin's three month photo shoot

Though the photo shoot took place almost two weeks ago (on September 9, the day he turned 3 months old), we only just got the digital prints to share with all of you.  We had some pictures taken in his baptism outfit, and some in a favorite outfit of Cortney's.  And here are a few of see the rest visit the three month photo shoot album