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On the way out the door

Cortney struggles to open the door and hold on to her coffee cup.

Cortney: "I used to be capable. Now I'm pregnant."

Jon: "Actually, I think it's because you have mittens on."

Cortney: "People are so much cuter without fingers."



Preparation underway

Even though it's snowing outside, we're doing the spring cleaning now. messyroom.jpgThe dust is flying as we cross paths, carting boxes for recycling upstairs and piles of office gear down. Even the front room is getting attention as it will be the new scrapbooking zone, with attached games closet. Though you wouldn't know it from this picture of the nursery pre-clean sweep, we finished emptying the room and couldn't be more excited to be picking up the crib set from Babies "R" Us this weekend.

Speaking of Babies "R" Us, we had a great time registering last week. We'd been to a few different baby stores and baby sections of department stores, and found there's really nothing that compares to their layout and selection. Sadly, they did not carry any Cap'n Crunch, so we couldn't match what we had on our wedding registry (sorry, Curtis). It took us the following week to make changes to the baby registry online, and now we're very happy with our cute, educational, and essential picks. Who wouldn't be excited about Bugs on Board?


All quiet on the Western front

No news is good news for baby development. week21andmoose.jpgIt's been another week of steady growth for Raspberry. He has become an acrobat, busy a large portion of the time, and his swiping kicks suggest somersaults. What stimulates him the most? Singing in choir, drinking orange juice, and Cortney trying to sleep.

Our nesting instinct is working its way through the house. We've cleaned the clutter out of the basement and organized it. Next up is Jon's office, and then the nursery (currently Cortney's office). We have a musical safari planned for Raspberry's room, and we'll keep you posted as that renovation develops.


Raspberry is Unremarkable

That's what the doctor said after twenty-five minutes of measuring organs and appendages with the ultrasound machine today. Of course, "unremarkable" is to be read as healthy, normal, and of small average weight. Raspberry, as it turns out, is also chromosomally heterogeneous—or rather, Raspberry is a BOY!!! The images were fascinatingly detailed. We were treated to close-up pictures of the nose and lips, the beating four-chambered heart, and the sections of the brain. At last was a picture of the gender-defining paraphernalia, which Jon was sure was a face, until the technician pointed out the boy parts. An honest mistake :-) !

Click here to see the pictures from the ultrasound.


Another year older and wiser.

We celebrated two birthdays this week in the Ophoff household, both of them on the 24th.  Yes, Cortney is now a year older, bringing her within one year of the big three-o (but let's not try to remind her), and Moose also added another notch to his birthday belt on the same day, making him a whole six years old.  For Cortney's birthday, mom and dad Hiller took us all (themselves, Jon, Cortney, Curtis, and Patty, not Moose) out to eat at Real Seafood Co.  We had a delightful time, and a delightful dinner (Cortney even pulled rank and had the waiter crack her lobster for her, though Jon and Patty cracked theirs by themselves).  Of course, birthdays in our house don't get celebrated in just one day!  This weekend we were also treated to a dinner for two at Olive Garden by mom and dad Ophoff, which was also a delightful evening, and we went to see The Chronicles of Narnia, a delightful movie.  Not to mention that we will be celebrating for many evenings to come with the "Just for Dinner" breadmaker that Cortney got from Jon (mmm...fresh, warm dinner sized breads with every meal, or even for dessert!).  And, while Cortney feels threatened as the big three-o looms,  it is comforting to realize that  Moose is now over thirty in human years.  Just don't tell him, it might make him even more certain that he should be setting the house rules!

Thank you very much to mom and dad Hiller and to mom and dad Ophoff for two wonderful dinners!