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Photo 20/365


Photo 19/365

First snow, and although he was originally reluctant, he ended up loving it. Or at least he loves to eat it, which is a potty training nightmare since he's supposed to go out 30 minutes after he drinks, only he's essentially drinking every time he goes out because he's ingesting so much snow! Oh well.


Photo 18/365


Photo 17/365

A training update. Gimli is now 12 weeks old and has been with us for four weeks and I'd say things are coming along swimmingly. We have been following the training methods of Zak George, mainly through watching all his YouTube videos, but also by reading his book and becoming active members on the facebook group. His main tenet is that the biggest value in training, especially this young, is not just in getting ahead of bad habits, or in laying solid foundations for good ones, but in building a strong relationship and sense of communication with your canine family member. Having done that, he says, almost anything is possible. 

To this end we train with Gimli at least three times a day, one session with each human member of the family, and I'd have to say that I'm pretty impressed with his progress so far.

First, the big one: Gimli is potty trained in-so-far as he will always ask to go out...when he knows he has to go out. At only 12 weeks there are certainly times when we are playing and he forgets he has a full bladder. Such is the life of a puppy. But we have had no purposeful accidents (no squatting, no full release) in the house in over a week now.

Next, all the necessaries: he knows his name very well! And deigns to respond to it...whenever he isn't too busy. He also knows the big four in commands—sit, down, leave it, and look at me—with moderate distraction in the house, and minor distractions outside of the house.

Lastly, the fun stuff: he knows spin, roll over, play dead (we call it "chill out"), and shake. And as far as tricks go, his "leave it" with three treats, where he will leave all three and take only the one you point to when you point to it is probably his most impressive at this time. Calvin calls this the "trident", and it is today's picture.

Also, will you just look at those ears?


Photo 16/365

Waiting for choir in the late afternoon sun.