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Photo 15/365

Snow daruma...(from A Net of Fireflies, a beautiful book of poetry and art that I got for Christmas from my sister-in-law).


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Photo 13/365

A sunny day, if not a particularly warm one, and some training thanks to Zak George


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Photo 11/365

Another day, another park. Actually, we're not introducing new places every single day, that would be an overload of learning and exploration for such a young pup. Gimli is 11 weeks old today (give or take), and while he's apropriately curious, he's also understandably nervous about this big, new world. Think about it—he's been alive for all of eleven weeks. That's not even three months, and there are so many things yet to discover, and some of those things move quickly, or are loud, or are very, very big compared to an eleven-week old puppy.

So we're taking it slowly by revisiting each new place several times before moving on to another new place. We're also treating heavily with each new experience, especially the ones that seem initially disconcerting, like rustling brush, bikes going by, or close birds. And things are coming along. Each successive foray into the great wild world has required less coaxing and engendered more eagerness. 

Getting him a little coat also helped a lot.