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Music on a Sunday

At least once a Christmas season it so happens that we "lose" an entire day to musical wonder, and this year that day was today.  We started the morning with the Bach Magnificat in church, which we sang at both full morning services.  Then, after a quick lunch it was off to the Faber Piano Institute for the holiday piano recital performed, in part, by Jon's piano students.  It was a first for Jon, and for each of his students, and it went over perfectly.  After the recital, and a quick nap at home, came the end-of-semester concert for the RC Singers, the university choir group that our friend, Kristin, conducts.  Jon is, technically, the piano accompanist for the group, but he also filled in a couple of other parts, including tamborine on one song and tenor on a couple of others.  One thing we can say for sure, Raspberry will not suffer for lack of music in life!

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