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Snow, snow, and more snow...

Well, the snow started early this morning and has only just begun to taper off, and we coudln't be happier!  When we woke up this morning large, fluffy, white flakes were filling the air, and had already added substantially to the mess of snow still in the streets from last weekend and last night, so we decided to pay hookey.  It felt like a Saturday.  We got up and turned on the now decorated Christmas tree and made our favorite weekend breakfast - eggs with cheese and bacon.  Then we putzed around in our pajamas for a while before we went out for errands in the afternoon, snow still coming down!  Luckily the right people were keeping up with the road care because we had special dinner plans with family we rarely see, plans that required a forty-five minute drive to Howell.  But all went off well, including a fabulous dinner with great conversation and lots of memories, and now are safe and sound in our warm home looking at the beauty of a winter wonderland - just in time for Steve to arrive from Seattle where he really misses the snow.

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