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Spring showers, May flowers

We didn't have a whole lot of April showers, mostly snow, so I just call them spring showers.  We did get a lot of flowers, though.  This was only our second spring in the house so it was our first try with planting tulips in the fall.  A lot of them came up, and then a lot of them fed a lot of hungry baby bunnies, so only a few made it to adulthood.  Poor tulips.
With the nice weather returning the whole family is enjoying neighborhood walks.  The dogs get really riled up whenever you mention "walk" or "cart" (Diamond's wheelchair) or "OUTside," and then all bets are off.  We should probably know better than to try and take a family photo when the kids are in their walk paraphernalia.  It took about fifty tries to get a decent one, and this is it, thanks to the "attention getting device" that we tossed towards the camera (read: a rock).


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