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New furniture!

chairface.jpgOur old sectional sofa, a much appreciated hand-me-down, had become more uncomfortable than a Democrat at the Republican convention.  So last weekend we engaged in a right of passage through marriage—we bought living room furniture!  Come this Sunday our sitting room will be graced by a comfortable couch, chair and ottoman in tan, or camel.   The chair has spiral swirls for contrast.  I think it's the presence of the ottoman that makes us feel the most refined; a place to put your feet with such a fancy name.    The floor model of the ottoman was actually the last one, so we were able to take it home with us.  I thought we would get to try it out, but Cookie has taken up what appears to be permanent residence on it.   Diamond spent a good ten minutes trying to remove the attached pillow-top until finally giving up and falling asleep with her chin resting next to Cookie.  So much for refinement.  It's not an ottoman, it's an animal bed.

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