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Four minutes to Africa

Today we went to Africa, and it only took 4 minutes. 
Cortneygiraffe.jpgActually, first it took an hour to drive to Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek, then we decided to wait in line for the 4 minute tram to Africa, but we decided that, in the long run, walking to Africa would be faster.  It was.  I know they said that the world was getting smaller, but…In comparison to our other zoos, Binder Park has a very small number of species, but wonderful presentation, and today we felt like we were being treated to a private viewing.  Jongiraffe.jpgEvidently the storms and rainshowers we drove through to get there this morning scared the rest of the people off, but that was a bonus for us.  It actually stopped raining as we pulled into the parking lot and not only did we get the closest parking space available, but we also got to see all the animals when they were unusually active because it was still cool and quiet.  In Africa we saw zebras, a baby antelope, ostrich eggs and much more, plus we got to feed giraffes.  My what a long tongue you have…
After taking advantage of the 4 minute tram ride back to the U.S., we visited the children’s zoo and pet not only guinea pigs and rabbits, but also a photosaurus (the zoo claims that this child sized dinosaur is a mix between a triceratops and a stegosaurus that feeds on camera exposures and loves to be ridden by children).  wetlandwalk.jpgCortney was extremely excited to see the Mexican Wolves up and about and, funny enough, we also saw cheetahs back in the U.S.  Probably one of the best exhibits at the zoo is their wetland walk.  This is about a 1 mile walk through real preserved wetlands that have been beefed up by the reintroduction of native plant species and a few imaginative sculptures that simulate native animal species.  We topped off the day by spotting an albino pea-hen, and leaving just as the crowds started to swarm in, the sun began to overheat the earth and the animals began to retreat into their old lazy selves.  Well done.

Michigan football countdown:  7 days to kickoff!

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