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"Watch out, Jon's in manly mode!"

That has to be the quote of the day.  As if we had a quote of the day.  Well, we do in this entry, and as one can tell by the picture, Jon really was in manly mode this evening; Imagewith a hatchet (a purchase he was very proud of) and his goggles he set out to break up some fire wood for tonight’s deck fire (this being after he grilled the burgers, too).  Now, if that isn’t manly mode, what is?  I suppose we could have added a flannel shirt.  Kristin and Matt tell us that part is required for the Lumberjack Competition on ESPN.  But flannel or no, Jon and Matt got the job done and all four of us felt strangely proud to roast marshmallows over a good strong fire that we built ourselves. ImageThe last time Jon and I tried to build a fire in our new outdoor fireplace we failed miserably and the partially burned logs from that evening are still gracing our catch-all box (read: old sandbox) in the backyard.  But tonight we were successful and it felt like a right of passage – we made a fire without the help of the scout master!  By the way, we also underwent another right of passage today, this one a hold over from the 1950s suburban American dream – Matt and Kristin called to borrow an egg to make the cake that they were bringing over for dessert tonight.  Now, we realize that it wasn’t a cup of sugar, but we figure that this is close enough.  Yes, I suppose we are adults now… when we want to be.

Michigan football countdown:  6 days to go!

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