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Good wine doesn't come under $15

Or at least it's hard to find. Out of 73 bottles at the "World's Greatest Wine Values" tasting with the Ann Arbor Tasters Guild, we each found only two that we might enjoy—and they weren’t even the same two between us. Many contained sulfur stronger than a coal mine, and one, according to the sponsor, was the best (or is that worst?) example of bad corked wine he’d ever had. Others were far sweeter than our roughened palates approved of. Even so, it was an event well worth experiencing. Jon had never been to a tasting before, while this was Cortney’s fourth. It was fairly crowded, but the people spread themselves out evenly enough, the only downside being that the hors d'oeuvres went quickly. We were all quite stunned by the enormous vat that the waitstaff poured the spit buckets into. We hear there’s quite a disgusting moment in the recent movie Sideways that is directly related to the spit bucket. We’ll have to check it out soon, especially with our newly enlightened vocabulary. Thanks, Dad H.

 Michigan football countdown: 5 days to go!

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