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Just checking in.

Wow it's been a long week, and yet there really isn't a whole lot to say.  Yes, gone are the days of summer when being busy was stovetrouble.jpgaccompanied by suntans and photographs.  That being said, we do have a couple of pictures to share from last week's tailgating party. A funny story, in fact, attested to by the pictures.  We had a lot of stove trouble this week, so yes, that second picture is all of us at someone else's party.  We did not go hungry, and the tailgating is by far a highlight of our fall weeks, differentstove.jpgthanks to the whole crew.  Go pink flamingo!  "Go Blue," however, was a little lacking.  The game was such a disappointment (who let them put a high school quarterback in for such an important game anyhow?) that we decided not to bother writing about it last week.  The Ohio State game was just as disappointing if you are a Big Ten fan, but oddly exhilarating if you are purely a Michigan fan.  But the tailgating was a riot. 

Please continue to pray for the victims of Hurricane Katrina and give if you can.  The road to recovery will be a long one for many.


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