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Dedicated to Matt

Go Blue!  Today's tailgate was topnotch, as usual.  We even celebrated the fifth birthday of a friend's daughter this morning, complete with a flying Barbie (yes, a flying Barbie) and cupcakes.  The game was wet and Eastern isn't much of an opponent (there was no wavering in Cortney's allegiences).  But even without the highly tense moments of a good football game, the afternoon at the stadium was highly worth the ode to Monty Python and the Holy Grail  performed by the marching band during halftime, complete with King Arthurs (read: band members) lopping legs off of Black Knights (read: mascots of other teams) and commentary in a thick British accent.  In other football news, a certain other green & white team pulled out a win in the first overtime against a certain blue and gold team, which can be construed as a positive thing, if it weren't so darned hard to root for MSU.

And tonight's entry is dedicated to Matt ("I don't make the blog zooperboy.jpgenough") and his favorite heroic characters, Zooperboy and Moo, as pictured at right.  Thanks for making dinner tonight, even if we did have to assemble our own desserts, and even though Kristin and Cortney are not sorry about beating you  and Jon in Mario Party.

Please continue to pray for the vicitms of Hurricane Katrina and give if you can. 


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