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Football season has begun!

The first game of the University of Michigan football season kicked off at 3:30 today and we were there (thank you Cortney's parents)!  game1.jpgOf course, that meant that our tailgating kickoff was at 12:30 with a smorgasbord of cheeses, crackers, dips and chips, pop, wine, beer, champagne & orange juice, cookies, and chicken grilling.  We love our tailgating crowd!  We had a great time, and we can't even be too disappointed in our Wolverines because not only was it just the first game of the year, but we did win!  Our only disappointment was that we left shortly after halftime to take care of the dogs, thinking that if we left early enough we would get home in time to see the end of the game of TV, but instead that specific channel was out on our cable.  Thanks a lot, crappy Comcast.

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