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A day without a Mexican...

restaurant, that is. We had a welcome-home from Peru dinner for Patty, Curtis' girlfriend, and the only reasonable, sit-down dining place with Mexican flair available was the chain-errific Chili's. chilis.jpgIt was also the first time we really got to meet Patty's family, as well. Patty's generosity and thoughtfulness was wonderful, as she brought back a Peruvian gift for each of us. For Jon, she brought a set of pipes of pan (as if he wasn't making enough noise already :-) ), and for Cortney,  a decorative mirror. The margaritas and fajitas were plentiful, and, while cross-table conversation can be quite a challenge with such a large group, we really had a great time.

We continue to pray for those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

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