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Mexican jumping... Raspberries?

Raspberry is now nearly 19 weeks in, well, prenatal age, and it is generally around this time that a baby begins to make his or her presence known.  Cortney has been feeling "butterfly tickles" ever since the new year, but it has been, for all intents and purposes, a little anti-climactic.  Then finally this week - real kicks!  They are still not strong enough for Jon to feel them, or to be noticeable externally, but we are pretty sure that is what all those little pops, pulls, and pushes are.  In fact, Raspberry evidently prefers to be on the move, so whenever Cortney is still for too long she ends up getting prodded.  Right now she is able to ignore those little pokes, but we think nervously of the day that they will become too strong to ignore!  Ah well, since we have no other real sign of Raspberry's health, the kickes are a reassuring daily reminder of his or her presence.

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