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Yes, year-old cake can be good

Happy anniversary to Kristin and Matt!

They have been married for a year now and, in celebratioin, we shared dinner, champagne, sparkling grape juice (for Cortney and Raspberry), and... year old cake.  It is a tradition, possibly a more recent one, to freeze the top layer of one's wedding cake for the celebration of the first anniversary, so that is what they had done and they were kind enough to invite us to share in the moment with them.  Perhaps the real reason they invited us was because they were afraid to try said piece of newly thawed cake themselves (okay, the real reason is because even just the top layer of a wedding cake is a lot of cake and a lot of frosting for just two people - even for four).  But all jesting aside, the cake was very good, and we want to thank them for sharing their time (and their TiVo) with us.  So, again, happy anniversary to Kristin and Matt!

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