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Coincidence? We think... probably!

What are the odds that two friends who grew up together would end up getting pregnant and being due only one day a part without ever discussing the matter?  Normally one would assume the answer here to be "slim to none," but since we are asking the question, you know there's a trick in there somewhere.  We went out to dinner last night with Nathan and Diane and, low and behold, not only are they pregnant, but they are due on June 20, one day after Raspberry is slated to join us in the world (for whatever a due date is actually worth).  Nathan and Jon grew up together, and were in each other's weddings, and this was just wonderfully exciting news all around.  So, congrats to Nathan and Diane!  We are sorry that you weren't just a few months earlier or later so that we could have passed clothing back and forth, but, actually, not all that sorry.

In other news... Cortney was ordained as a Deacon this morning at our church (we are both excited about that, as it will be a job we both partake in).  And tonight we had dinner with another of our long lost friends, Andrew (another pre-college friend of Jon's).  We had a great time catching up and will have to do it again some time soon, as we get in our final months of social freedom!

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