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Kicking...It's not just for mothers anymore!

While Cortney has been feeling Raspberry doing all kinds of tricks for the past week or two, Jon has been left widely in the dark (except for when Cortney jumps up mid-TV show and exclaims "I'm being kicked," the first occasion of which greatly confused Jon, whose feet were firmly planted on the ground).  Well, all of that changed about an hour ago.  Evidently Raspberry has gained enough strength and size to make his or her presence known to the outside world.  Raspberry's kicks are now not only visible, but are also externally tangible, making it possible for Jon to take part in all the fun (although the fun doesn't wake Jon up in the middle of the night).  Raspberry has also gotten a little more regular, acting up every hour or two throughout the day (and night).  And, Raspberry likes church - he or she was very active during the middle of the service this morning (or, at least that is Cortney's excuse for not having paid more attention to the sermon).

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