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Another year older and wiser.

We celebrated two birthdays this week in the Ophoff household, both of them on the 24th.  Yes, Cortney is now a year older, bringing her within one year of the big three-o (but let's not try to remind her), and Moose also added another notch to his birthday belt on the same day, making him a whole six years old.  For Cortney's birthday, mom and dad Hiller took us all (themselves, Jon, Cortney, Curtis, and Patty, not Moose) out to eat at Real Seafood Co.  We had a delightful time, and a delightful dinner (Cortney even pulled rank and had the waiter crack her lobster for her, though Jon and Patty cracked theirs by themselves).  Of course, birthdays in our house don't get celebrated in just one day!  This weekend we were also treated to a dinner for two at Olive Garden by mom and dad Ophoff, which was also a delightful evening, and we went to see The Chronicles of Narnia, a delightful movie.  Not to mention that we will be celebrating for many evenings to come with the "Just for Dinner" breadmaker that Cortney got from Jon (mmm...fresh, warm dinner sized breads with every meal, or even for dessert!).  And, while Cortney feels threatened as the big three-o looms,  it is comforting to realize that  Moose is now over thirty in human years.  Just don't tell him, it might make him even more certain that he should be setting the house rules!

Thank you very much to mom and dad Hiller and to mom and dad Ophoff for two wonderful dinners! 

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