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We're not the only ones nesting!

This morning, we heard a commotion coming from the laundry room. This is not unusual, since Cookie often attacks the rug there. But when we went to look, we found Cookie transfixed, staring at the dryer from which emanated the sounds of a trapped bird.  So, we went about setting up an escape route for the bird which was surely in peril: we duct-taped a rug over the window to hide the light, opened the garage door, and closed off the laundry room. It was silent when at last we opened the dryer. We steeled our nerves against what we would find - a pile of feathers, or something worse? But it was empty.

We went back to making breakfast. Not long after, we heard it in the dryer again. We checked to see if the bird had gotten stuck, but, looking out the window, we saw that it was freely coming in and out - it was building a nest! We guess it's not a bad location - certainly protected from the elements, a bit unique, occasionally warm, and offering a little lint for extra nest-lining. But we really can't risk the bird knocking out our ventilation duct.  So, we duct-taped over the vent until we can get a wire grate for it. Add the dryer to the list of appliances we can't use (the dishwasher is back on the list due to an electrical failure after our reinstallation)!

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