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Down in the double digits!

What with the bird fiasco yesterday morning, we almost forgot to mention that we hit 99 days until Raspberry is due! That doesn't mean we didn't celebrate. We started Friday night with pizza and a movie with Amy and Andrew. Then, of course, there was the bird fiasco. elephantpractice.jpgBut Saturday was really beautiful, so we spent the afternoon at the Toledo Zoo whwere we saw the polar bears play mating and the mom and baby elephants practicing with their keepers. We finished our first day in the double digits with a huge sushi dinner at Yotsuba, along with 15 other friends (okay, so the dinner was actually for Amanda's birthday...but we were celebrating two things). The dinner was great, and so was the company. Then today, which has been even more beautiful, dad H helped us fix the dishwasher and refit the dryer vent to keep the birdies out (yeah, we're back in business!). Sorry birdies.

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