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True Michigan spring

It was 27 degrees on Saturday morning.  We kid you not - 27 degrees.  We had been all set to go to the zoo, but decided instead to stay home and bake 12 dozen cookies for church, some for the Confirmation banquet and some for the Sunday morning coffee hour.  Sunday was beautiful, though, and today even more so.  From 27 degrees on Saturday morning we got to about 63 degrees this afternoon!  Cortney and Raspberry enjoyed a long walk in the neighborhood today (the treadmill is jealous), and then couldn't resist the hamburger when they went grocery shopping.  So for the first time this season we all enjoyed a good summer meal - grilled burgers with grilled buns, lettuce, tomato, onion, and avocado, green beans, and salad (also with all the above fixins).  We spent the evening lounging in a house with open windows, a breeze playing around us, and then retired early, the smell of the outdoors lingering in the air.  Argh, too poetic.  Let's just say it was a really nice day, and we hear that tomorrow is likely to be even better!


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