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Easter enrichment at the zoo

wolverineenrichment.jpgWe were back at the Detroit Zoo today, and were reminded again of how very different an experience it can be every single time.  Today was Bunnyville day, the zoo's celebration of Easter, and there were eggs and enrichments all around!  The gorillas and chimps got large papier mache eggs, as did many other animals.  The wolverines got a tiger striped papier mache animal, aardvark.jpgwhich concerned them at first, until they found it to contain treats.  And the polar bears got ice pops with fish in them.  Fun all around.  We found ourselves enriched by new activity also:  Both of the zoo's new rhinos were actually out together today;  Talini, our baby polar bear born in Nov. 2004, was finally in the big pool where we could see her swim with her mom (she's getting big!);  And, perhaps most astonishing of all, the usatzoo.jpgaardvark was out where we could see him!!!  We are sad to note, however, that the Pudu and his capybara friend were off exhibit.  We hope to see them return soon.

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