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June 14 milestones

We do realize that at some point we will have to stop updating every day on Calvin's achievements, but we just aren't quite there yet.  And the first thing we have to say is...if we thought Monday night was bad, meet Tuesday night!  Last night his alert time did not range from 1am to 3am, nor even from 1am to 4am, but all the way from 1am to 5am!  giraffesleep.jpgDuring this time he is a very pleasant baby, he just is so awake and alert that he is not ready to be put down in the bassinet to sleep, so you have to hold him, sitting there in the dark and quiet room watching his eyes drift back and forth across your face and the shadows along the walls.  This would be both beautiful and fascinating if we weren't so darn tired!

But, on a brighter sort of daytime kind of note, we had an eventful day.  On our list of achievements for today is:  Jon's first full day back to work; spending some sleep time during the day in the bassinet, as opposed to being constantly held (this is directly related to it being headsup.jpgJon's first day back at work and Cortney needing to go to the bathroom every now and again); A first look at his floor gym playmat, which did not cease to entertain him; And a first try at tummy time which was very successful, less because he liked it and more because he can already scoot himself forward and lift his head!  He's going to be strong!

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