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June 15 - a little more rested

Wednesday night was a good one, on the scale of things.  We actually got sleep in one three hour and one four hour block, separated by only a half hour of fussiness and eating.  Not bad!  Which is good because Thursday was a busy day for us filled with lots of new things.  In the morning Calvin tried out his bouncy seat, which really does have that fantastic calming effect claimed by all the manufacturers!  slingwalk.jpgGetting that achievement under his belt allowed Cortney to do some dusting and some laundry.  Ever seen a newborn try to match socks?  Check him out in his week one photo album!  Right in the middle of our day was Calvin's second appointment at the doctor's, where we hoped to get the good news that his jaundice was receding and that he had gained weight.  This kid took both charges seriously.  Since Tuesday he had gained 5 ounces.  That's five ounces in just two days!  the doctor was calling him little piggie, but we think that he just wanted to show up all those people who said that early babies needed formula in order to grow successfully.  Take that!  So all is well on the Calvin front!

Our afternoon was even busier than our morning, too.  In the afternoon, while practicing tummy time on his gymini mat, he rolled himself back onto his back.  football.jpgThough we figure this was a fluke occurrence which we will not see again for a few months, we couldn't help but be overly excited.  We knew he was one strong newborn, but...  Then in the evening we tried out our baby wearing gear.  Yes, baby wearing gear.  Basically, we took our first walk through the neighborhood with Calvin in his sling.  We would call this a success and were really glad to be getting out of the house!  Here's to hoping for another good night...

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