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Celebrating one week!

Actually, knowing the difference that a day makes, Calvin won't really be a week old until 10pm tonight.  We'll have to wait and see what other accomplishments he can squeeze into these last twelve hours.  So far in his first week he:  babywhoozit.jpgLost 6 ounces, then gained five back;  Lifts his head during tummy time, and while on his back;  Has rolled back onto his back during tummy time twice now (we know it's just luck, but we'll count it anyway);  Has aquired the ability to sleep peacefully for a five hour stretch, which the doctor said was fine now that he regained his birthweight;  Went for a walk;  Has tried out all his toys;  Has received visitors;  Has learned to take his bath in stride;  And has basically defeated the jaundice just by being a pro at nursing.  We think it was a successful week.

So those are Calvin's accomplishments...what about ours?  So far, in our first week as parents, we:  Have learned how to get a decent night of sleep;  Have become pros with diapering (we've caught all baby boy showers in a washcloth!);  Have learned how to calm him when fussy and burp him after feedings;  Have survived two baths, two car trips, and two doctor's appointments;  And have gotten better at putting him down every once in a while, at not looking at him every few seconds while he's sleeping, and at sharing him when we are both home and awake.  This, too, feels successful to us!

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