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Happy first father's day!

Father's Day took on a whole new meaning in our house today.  Though we have each received father's and mother's day cards from our dogs in the past, being the father of a human child gave Jon a little more leverage this year.  happyfathersday.jpgJon's main request was a special breakfast of, waffles...with fresh strawberries and whipped cream on top.  He also stopped on his way home from the early church service to pick up a special coffee drink - yummm.  And, though a household with a new baby is not afforded too many shopping luxuries, Cortney already had a few things on hand - just in case.  So Jon got to celebrate his first father's day with waffles (which he was nice enough to make himself so Cortney could quick grab a shower between feedings), strawberries, whipped cream, two cards, and a son, all dressed up in I love daddy clothing.

But the day of firsts did not stop there - this evening Calvin took his first trip to his grandparents' house!  withgrandpa.jpgThough Jon's parents were unavailable, we continued the father's day celebration with Cortney's parents and other family members through a wonderful dinner and a rousing game of "pass the baby."  Though Calvin slept through a majority of the evening, he woke up enough after dinner to demonstrate to everyone his profound baby strength.  So today was another day of firsts - for a grandfather, a father, and a baby boy.

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