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To Calvin, who was not due until today...

Well, Calvin, you weren't supposed to be here until today.  Of course they say that the early bird gets the worm, and just think of all calvinsduedate.jpgthe things you have already accomplished in those extra ten days on the outside:  You've already been held for hours on end, already listened to your mother sing to you, to your father read your first book;  You've already had your first photo shoot, your first trip to your grandparents, your first walk through the neighborhood;  you've already lifted your head, rolled over, slept through four hours straight;  And you've already met so many loving people and seen the love and beauty the world has to offer - you wouldn't want to give that up now!

We cannot believe that you have been here for 10 days already.  As each day passes we wish we could hold onto it for just one precious moment longer, or have one more chance to do each of those firsts again.  iwasearly.jpgDid we get enough pictures?  Did we take the right video?  Will we remember this moment, so much more important than the last, like it was yesterday, even when we are twenty years older?  But even though it is hard to watch the firsts pass us by before we are barely able to grasp that they have happened, we are so glad to have already had those 10 precious days, glad that there are so many more to come, and we hope that you understand, someday, that  in those 1o days our love for you has already multiplied at least tenfold.  Aren't you glad that you came when you did?

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