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A little parent care

Lots of adult time and change of scenery is what the doctor prescribes for staving off the baby blues, and that is exactly what Jon and friends pushed Cortney to get.  So, armed with antibacterial wipes and gel, and a blanket to hide the baby, a nervous Cortney, and a less than nervous Calvin, had a lunch date.  lunchwithgirls.jpgThe date included Cortney's friends Amy, Becky, and Liesl (you may remember Liesl as the baby tester for our dogs and our baby equipment a few months ago).  A good time was had by all, including Calvin who slept through the majority of the visit and lunch out.  It was fun to see him in comparison to Liesl, who is nearly 6 months old.  The difference is immense, on all developmental scales at this point, and yet the two will be in the same class in school.  Who knows... some day they might even date, though both mothers say it will be at least 30 years, right?

And parent care continued into the evening games.jpgwith a little couple time for the two of us.  Though our attempt to indoctrinate Calvin in Trivial Pursuit went largely unnoticed by the pupil, we certainly enjoyed ourselves.  Cortney would like to point out that Jon won by a landslide mostly because her brain hasn't returned from the pregnancy abyss.  We'll go ahead and let her hold onto that belief a little while longer...

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